5 Responses to “I pee where I want!”

  1. Dianne

    Super cute doggie. Just wanted to tell you that my dog did that and it turned out it was because he has a UTI. (He showed no other signs of having one)

  2. Pittie Mom

    Roo, you are so cute – adorably cute. You probably were dreaming about being in your yard and …oops!

  3. Joanna In the Burgh

    I agree with Tammy – if she is female and spayed once they are over 5 or 6 they can develop incontinence – they won’t even realize they are leaking in their sleep. Proin will fix that as it helps to tighten the bladder muscles. My beagle Twiggy was on it. What a cutie though – Love that “What did I do wrong” look – lol


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