7 Responses to “Rotten Wiener Dog”

  1. kateisaredhead@hotmail.com

    My weenie brings in dead rat skeletons and leaves them on the couch.and on my pillow. I picked up one thinking it was a toy. Gross dog!

  2. JoJo'sMom

    This makes me glad my weenie mix just poops on dead squirrels, and doesn’t bring them anywhere. Geesh!

  3. Kathy Watts

    My “pie head” dapple digs moles up & breaks their backs, tosses it to the side, then continues on for the next kill. He uses his mouth like a shovel! They have red Calleche type dirt, so after a good hour digging up moles, it’s mandatory bath time… And time for yard repair. But, he got rid of their mole problem!


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