3 Responses to “What’s the frenchie word for “yuck!””

  1. Smartypants

    LOL, if I ever get a dog, it’ll be a pug or a Frenchie. Love their names too!

  2. Val

    Could be worse: I was cat sitting for a neighbor 2 yrs ago and found a DEAD RAT on the living room floor when I went in one day. (And no, dead rats are most certainly NOT something common in my complex.) The neighbor likes for us to leave her slider and screen open so her can can go out to the patio ** when he wants. He either brought the rat inside or the rat invited himself. At least the corpse was intact.

    ** The openings in the fence around her patio are blocked sufficiently so that her very fat cat can’t get out.

    • Smartypants

      Haha, sounds like my cat – I’ll never figure out how she put a dead mouse UNDER a wastebasket! Phew!


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