4 Responses to “Bigger than by britches”

  1. Rosa

    She is so sweet yes she is forgiven kissy , kissy to Mimi I am sure your mommies will take good care of you sweetie.

  2. John Marks

    I saw a squirrel catch one of those big barkers once. I was walking along and a labrador spotted a squirrel in his yard. He play bowed, jumped off the porch and lazily ran for it. Mr squirrel declined to play and jumped through a fence, right onto the chihuahua that was coming to defend his territory. Two of this scatter and freeze to stare at each other. The squirrel remembers Jack and runs. Misty shaken for a second says screw it and charges barking like “I won”. Not sure anyone believed it.

    I defiantly didn’t and I think Jack was laughing in his doggy way too.


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