19 Responses to “Kitchen Crisis”

  1. Momo

    Is that a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon? Our WPG got his collar stuck in the dishwasher’s lower rack trying to lick the dishes, panicked, and flung it across the kitchen breaking off several of the wheels. Apparently these guys don’t have the steely nerves required to execute their naughty plans.

  2. Frau

    Our GWP, Greta, is a stove- and counter-surfer. She managed to turn on one burner of the gas stove. We have to leave the knobs on the counter at all times.

  3. kahayden

    I’m thinking this bad boy is a Pudelpointer. My Pudelpointer steals food from the counter all the time as well. He made an appearance in the Dog Shaming book for ruining headphones. Gorgeous pup!

  4. Fran wilson

    Birds flying inside the house can also have some pretty terrible consequences when you own a bird dog lol


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