6 Responses to “I’m a Softie for Soft toys”

  1. DogMom

    My dobe did the same thing! Plus, she destroyed a tennis ball in twelve seconds! Impressive, eh? Your pup is too adorable.

  2. george

    Aww… at least they’re having fun. Isn’t that the point? I used to be concerned with my dog doing that until I looked at it that way.

  3. Keeley

    My dog is the same! We get him a new dog toy and he destroys it almost immediately!!!!!

  4. Mariah

    Our dog (breed unknown, but we suspect pit bull kelpie mix) destroys ALL toys in under an hour. We gave him a Kong brand squeaky squirrel, gave it to him, set the timer for an hour, after 20 minutes the squeaking stopped, we opened the door to see a faceless, footless, squeaker-less squirrel with half a tail, and a very pleased looking dog. He also bit a Kong in half because locking the peanut butter out was taking too long.


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