6 Responses to “The Naughty list is long for Buddy”

  1. Jennifer

    Buddy does look mighty PO’d. I just warn Buddy’s guardians–my dog still pees on everything but at least it’s outside.

  2. John Blizard

    Buddy does not look like a happy puppy!
    This is an exquisite, but deserved, shaming. Give him a hug and tell him he will have a long and happy life, with a lot less drama now. LOL

  3. Ellie

    You win an award for the best printed sign, great job. Buddy will never inderstand how he lost his jewels while taking a nap, but, he will settle down…..someday.

  4. Kleng

    If people bothered disciplining their pets they wouldn’t have to hack off parts of their anatomy to coerce them to behave.


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