9 Responses to “Lean On Me”

  1. Laura

    This is my daughter and Atti. I have fifty photos of him leaning on his girl. Unfortunately he passed away in June, a week after her birthday. It broke our hearts. Yesterday we picked up a rescue puppy. She’s called Rey (our dogs are always named after film characters). She’s going to be at least as big as Atticus was. It was so strange that today, one day after finally getting a new dog, this should be posted. I think he would be happy to know that his girl is getting dog cuddles again.

  2. Cathy R

    I bet he had a wonderful life with your family; and that puppy is one lucky dog to be your daughter’s next canine friend!

  3. Kirsten

    So sorry you lost your puppy! We just rescued a German Wirehaired pointer in December and named him Atticus (nicknamed Atti too!) His canine sister is called Scout. 🙂 Hoping you make as many good new memories with your new family member as you did with Atticus.


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