15 Responses to “The Delicate Paws”

  1. Anna

    The bike is a Yuba Mundo which is an extended bike that is built to haul and carry heavy loads. My husband built larger wood decks for the metal foot decks already on the bicycle so there is more support and a firm base when the dogs are on it. The pannier bags can be bought from Yuba but we have also toyed with the use of basic Rubbermaid containers on the foot decks strapped in and the dogs will hop in those as well and those are a bit more rigid for the dogs.

  2. JoJo'sMom

    Too funny! As for her paws, has her vet recommended something like musher’s secret? It might help protect her paws from irritants.

  3. Helen A

    We ran the pads off our first dog being young and stupid. Poor thing. But what about boots?

  4. veronica

    They are very lucky to have such a caring parent like your husband…What a great dogs lover

  5. John

    Very nice to see the pups are not left out of family adventures. I know from my own experience with carrying cargo on a bike, can’t see why pups would not be any different, sometimes you need some help hauling the weight. There is a company called Clean Republic that produces a hub motor to convert any bike to electric. Currently, they just started selling a 36volt motor which means you can haul more weight. Great for cargo bikes! Just swap out the front wheel, hook up the battery and attach the switch and away you go!


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