4 Responses to “The Problem With my Aim”

  1. JoJo'sMom

    Quite a few smaller male dogs will accidentally pee on their front legs, my JoJo among them. Fortunately, he only does it once in a while. He also lets us clean him up.

    Mitch takes the nasty up a notch with licking it off himself 😀 I don’t think there’s any harm in it, especially if he’s getting all the clean drinking water he wants. If you’re worried, ask your vet.

    • Smartypants

      Wasn’t he great – I miss him! I agree, he would’ve been amused for sure.

      And his little namesake here is adorable.

  2. Stephanie

    Everyday! My Boston terrier does the same. He always seems miffed after her pees on himself- like, “why the heck are my feet wet! Jeez!”


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