13 Responses to “A Dog Shaming Announcement!”

  1. Debra

    Exciting news for your whole Dog Shaming family! We wish you all joy together (and lots of material for new postings).

  2. Susan

    Congratulations! It will be difficult not getting my daily dose, but I will TRY to be patient.

  3. Dawn Gustafson

    Congratulations! What an exciting time for your family! I’ll just do some catching up on the archived shaming posts! Best wishes…..

  4. Jo Pfeffer

    Congratulations on the pending new arrival! Take good care of yourself — and don’t worry about us too much; we will definitely survive while you settle in with the new baby! And Mia… it ain’t gonna be a puppy!!!

  5. Val

    I too offer my congratulations and my sincere hope for Ms. Dog-Shaming that the labor and delivery is smooth and short!

  6. Brenda

    Congratulations to you and your family! Best wishes for a safe delivery for Mama & babe. Enjoy your time getting acquainted with your dear little addition! (You’ll be missed, but we will look forward to an update on how things are going with your growing family.)

  7. Michelle

    Congratulation and best of luck to you! I will miss new posts very much but you have more important things to do!


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