9 Responses to “Potty Please?”

  1. Katy masterson

    I have a pig, typical pig behavior for sure! Mine just learned how to open the fridge. I should have taken a pic of the mess. And she had no shame either:(

  2. Karen

    My dog is a bit worse…he pretends to need to go out but just stands with me at the door looking out then walks to the kitchen and sits in his snack spot waiting for his treat..he gave up the actually pretending to pee part about two months ago…sad thing is, I reward his cleverness because I love him.

  3. madisonpage

    LOL! Our 7 lbs Maltese Poo has a grand scheme: walks into the bathroom where the pee pad is. Do nothing. Turns around. Walks back out. Kicks back. Then wait for the treat to come! The head patting along with the praise is no longer working.

  4. Donnalynn

    Our senior Shih Tzu, will go outside, pee then come in for a treat, then turn around and go back outside and poop and come back in for another treat! Of he will go outside, pee 10 drops and come back in for a treat. They are on to us!

  5. Cathy R

    Pigs and dogs are smart! My chihuahua Frida would pee on her pad, then come find us in another room and stare us down until we went to the pad, acknowledged the evidence, and gave her a treat. After several years of this, she began trying to pass off old, dried up pee stains as new! She would also do the pee now, poop later to maximize her treat bonuses 🙂

  6. Paula kreamer

    I laughed so hard rwading all youe stories I have tears rolling down my face.


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