24 Responses to “Sorry to Disappoint you, Kiddo.”

  1. Elaine Aliment

    Huge congratulations to you all. (I’m pretty sure the fun of a sibling will outweigh the shock of not getting a puppy soon enough.:D)

  2. Dianne

    How exciting! Congratulations and thank you for sharing these adorable pictures

  3. Jo Pfeffer

    Welcome to the family, Master Max! Congratulation to Mom and Dad and Big Brother! 😀

  4. Lois

    So adorable! Congratulations and I hope big brother gets his wish at some point, when he is old enough to scoop puppy poop.

  5. Blanster

    He looks like he’s already working out the formula for cold fusion with that little furrowed brow, LOL! He’s gorgeous!

  6. Coleen Bell

    Absolutely Adorable – both kids! And I love your website!!! Your work is so much appreciated.

  7. Smartypants

    Congratulations – glad everyone is doing well!

    LIttle man looks vexed in that third pic – “It’s too bright out here…someone turn off the light!”

  8. Susan

    Maybe in that last shot he’s trying to figure out how to bark . . .

    congrats and enjoy!

  9. Laurie

    Congrats to the newest furless child. He is beautiful. Glad all is well

  10. minicooper10

    Imagine having two dogs. They’d stare at the crib and say: “You made THAT?” :))))


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