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  1. Vickie

    I showed Crosby’s picture to my whole family…he is the reincarnation of our beautiful Sandy!! If I didn’t live all the way in Minnesota, I’d be on my way to fetch Crosby NOW!

  2. MS

    I’m so glad they got in touch with Lab Rescue! I adopted my dog through their organization and I volunteer for them now. It’s a wonderful group and I hope they’ll be able to find Crosby a loving forever home 🙂

  3. Michelle Godkin List

    I wrote this about a dog posted on the “Advocate for Saving Dogs” facebook page, but it applies here as well:
    “For those who say “I would take him if he weren’t so far away”, there are dogs (and cats, and rabbits, etc.) in need of rescue EVERYWHERE. If you are able to take Tex and capable of caring for and loving him for the rest of his life, go get one of the babies available near you!”

  4. Elle

    Thanks for the update, this is good news indeed. Hope that Crosby has a long and happy life. My Christmas wish is that all rescue dogs have such a positive outcome.

    Michelle, a great comment – there are dogs desperate for a new home in everyone’s city and town. Go & visit your local shelter and you will find many dogs as sweet as Crosby.

    I still can’t stop thinking of Crosby’s owner. This person lovednhim enough to give him up, and now has to face the future without his lovely companion. I hope that there is as much concern being shown for them. Travel well.

    • Dixie

      Crosby was an adorable dog who the owner brought into the vet for a medical issue. Then called the next day to say they weren’t coming back to pick him up b/c they said they were homeless. At the point it was posted, he was going to a shelter in a few days, which meant he probably would have been put to sleep. But a no kill rescue has taken him, so hopefully he’ll fnd a forever home. If you just keep scrolling thru the posts, you’ll find him. He was on last Friday’s adopt list. So sweet looking. Hope this helps.

  5. stars15k

    Hoping all the wonderful dogs shown on Friday get the same Christmas gift of love. All dogs deserve a forever home…..humans made them in all shapes, sizes, and personalities and they can’t get along without us. How lucky we all are to take the responsibility of having them as family. And hoping that Crosby’s former Dad is blessed with the peace of knowing that he did the responsible thing. And that he is blessed with better circumstances so he can one day share a life with a dog again.

  6. Elle

    Hi Bev, if you click on the Crosby link in the story above, you will get the full picture. In a nutshell, Crosby was surrendered by the owner who had become homeless. A really heart wrenching story that hopefully will have a great outcome.

  7. Jecobh03

    This makes me so happy to hear! I love what you are doing for all these dogs that need to be adopted!

  8. Dixie

    This is good news. He is so young and so sweet looking. Here’s hoping someone takes him to a forever home for Christmas. Thank you for updating us.


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