26 Responses to “Reverse Dog Shaming Contest: Dora”

  1. Leslin

    Good going, sweetheart!! hats off to your mommy and daddy for taking such good care of you! 🙂

  2. Pat McDonald

    Way to go Dora – Give your Momma and Daddy a big kiss for taking such great care of you – such a cutie pie!

  3. JN

    I have a similar story. Mine lasted a year and a half after diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma, and I lost him to pneumonia – the cancer was still in remission.

    To Dora’s people: Take any tiny symptom very seriously. I didn’t realize how messed up my dog’s immune system was and that was a fatal mistake.

    • snarkarina

      JN, Thank you – I do call the vet for every little thing, and so far it has all been *little* things–though the choice to update her immunizations has been agonizing (we’re doing titers for everything we can, but when they’re not available have to weigh risks of catching disease against risk of getting a shot.

      And a lot of credit does also go to our amazing vet who ALWAYS makes time for me and Dora and who gave me the most amazing piece of advice, “She doesn’t know she’s sick; don’t treat her like she’s sick–she’ll worry if you treat her differently and that can actually impact her quality of life.”

  4. Sarah

    Way to go!! Hemangiosarcoma (on liver) took my baby from me in 2012 — good to see you are beating it!

  5. Leanna

    God bless sweet sweet Dora and “f” cancer!! I hope she continues to thrive and live a full life! Yes, and do all the shameful things that she wants 🙂

  6. susanne shakeri

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! It gives me hope! My beautiful chocolate lab mix was recently diagnosed with sarcoma. We still don’t know the type as the cytology report came back as inconclusive. She will have surgery on Tuesday to try to remove the very large mass. May I ask if you used any homeopathic treatments in conjunction with the low dose chemo? I want to try everything possible for my sweet girl. She means the world to me!

  7. Jane

    My dog Tank was just diagnosed with splenic hemangiosarcoma last week. He starts chemo as soon as his splenectomy wound heals. Seeing your post made me hopeful that Tank can be more stubborn than any tumor. He’s been a freak of nature so far (Healthiest Bulldog anyone’s ever seen). Go Dora!

  8. Donna DeWeese

    My Boo Radley had hemangiosarcoma in his chest, but not in his internal organs, and after surgery lived 5 more years to a ripe and wonderful age of 13. Still weepy every day to come home to a house empty of my Dal. Wish you the best.


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