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    • nm

      our rescue ‘street’ doberman still steals food after 2 years with us. I don’t think they ever forget living on the streets and having scrounge for food

  1. bluhare

    He’s got the best evil dog stare ever!

    And, to the poster above, that looks like his tail in the back that makes him look 3 legged. I think. I’m not his person.

  2. Jill

    I am the one who adopted Delmar. He has now learned how to open the child locks on the trash. We are thinking about changing his name to Dennis the Menace!

    BTW, he has all four legs. He is healthy and loves his people.

    • Jakey's mum

      I too adopted a rescue bassie… and there is no such thing as a basset-proof lock. Or trash can. My Jakey failed obedience school 3x, yet figured out that if he pushed the coffee table from the living room into the kitchen, he could use it to climb on the counter and eat EVERYTHING on it. He can also turn doorknobs and open the oven. Smart and takes direction well are not necessarily the same thing — but I do love love love my Jakey.

      Then again, I know many, many non-rescued bassets who’ve never for a second known hunger who nonetheless raid the trash on an hourly basis 😉

      PS He was featured on dogshaming earlier this year too:

    • Nay

      What a happy (but mischievous) end to Delmar’s food foraging days as a stray! It’s no wonder he loves his people. Kudos to you, Jill.

    • tj4ever

      Try those locks that use a magnet to unlock them. They were the only ones my parents could use against one of their dogs. He conquered child locks in no time. I have a cat who I rescued who hasn’t gotten past the starving thing. All you can do is love them.

  3. Matthew

    I rescued a beagle three years ago in the same situation, 10 lbs underweight. Child locks worked for a while but eventually he and the cat learned to work as a team to open them up. He’s finally learned to not steal from his parents, but when guests are over all the rules go out the window. Being a beagle doesn’t help him out either, because it’s just his instinct to sniff out food. Despite all this, I love my hound unconditionally.

  4. Jane

    We have a rescued Bassett, and bless him he doesnt steal food although he was painfully thin when we adopted him, but he guards his food from the other dog scared stiff he’ll lose it – we have had him two and a half years and he is a little improved about it, but I don’t think he will ever totally forget being hungry, although he has got very used to a warm and cosy life in other ways 🙂

  5. Diane

    I also have a rescued dog, a Llewellyn Setter. She has gone from 36 lbs. to 50 and will still steal anything she can when left alone, although she no longer hides biscuits.

  6. Jakey's mum

    There’s no such thing as a basset-proof trash can! My Jakey has defeated EVERY SINGLE ONE!

  7. Heather

    I know when you said he’s “selling” food it was a typo and you meant stealing but maybe you had something there. He’s selling food for toys and treats, lol. What a cutie.

  8. stella

    I got my lab at 7 weeks from the breeder. He is almost 3 years old now. He has never lived on the streets. He has never been underweight. He will steal food every chance he gets. Not only do we have locks on cabinets, we have to gate off the kitchen unless we are in it, because he will steal anything he thinks is edible from the counter (if it ever remotely came in contact with food, he thinks it is edible – paper towels, plastic bags, etc) . We try to keep it clean and got rid of the bread box, but the fruit bowl is never safe (I dislike cold fruit and have no room in my cabinets for a fruit bowl). I love him with all my heart, but will never be able to trust him.

  9. Brad

    Awwwwwwwwww…. starve for a few days and you’d understand. Poor boy. Eat all you want please. 🙂


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